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Question 1

For each of the following types of businesses list three common challenges you think they have and how UX can solve these.

  • Real Estate business selling B2C apartments and villas.
  • Government agency offering B2C services
  • Insurance Company for health, car and other insurance products

Question 2

Please write an outline of a pitch you will give to the chief of digital at the "Commercial Bank of Dubai".

Tell them

a) why they need a UX project

b) why they needs to purchase it this year and not in 2025

c) why Prototype is the best partner (You can freestyle, just wing it… don’t need to know Prototype that much)

Question 3

You got assigned a lead which is the DEWA in Dubai ( They have a mobile app

  1. Write a message to them, where you ask them for a meeting. Write it in a way that they are most likely to respond.
  2. List down three questions you would ask them during the meeting to understand their current situation in preparation for you mapping our product to these needs. Explain why you choose these questions.
  3. Provide a concrete example for DEWA on how our solution could help them.
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