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Our UI Design Company specializes in creating intuitive and visually appealing designs for websites, mobile apps, and other digital products. We manage design systems for your organization using our proprietary Enterprise Design System and translate them into tested front-end UI components.
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Why Choose Our UI Design Agency

Good interface design is all about guiding users to achieve your intended goal through thoughtful design. Our UI design service is specially formulated to translate the results of the UX research into a design system that can be used across different design teams and implemented by developers without jeopardizing quality.

This process ensures that the initial design plan gets precisely translated into the actual product.

  • Custom visual language
  • Consistent design elements across all platforms
  • Smart and purposeful screen or page layouts
  • User-centered and engaging designs
  • Colors, textures, and animations that help with conversion
  • Rapid and reliable delivery
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Our UI Design Process


UI Requirement Gathering

We integrate and interpret the results of the UX research and the design brief from the client to ensure correct implementation.


Design Planning

Our experienced designers brainstorm for ideas based on the information architecture, user personas, and the requirements.


Concept Development

We create first concept options for the screens and pages using high fidelity prototypes to save on precious development time and undesired iterations.


Interface Design

Our UI agency follows the atomic design methodology that involves breaking the layout into its components and create a maintainable design system that ensures consistency.


Interactive Design

Animations based on the expected behavior of the user are added to specific elements to ensure high engagement.


Design Review and Validation

We believe in the power of user testing, and all designs undergo review and validation before development.


Style Guide Development

A document is created by our user interface design company that contains guidelines on the proper implementation of the logo, colors, layout, and text elements on all channels.

Some of Our UI Clients

Our UI design firm has been servicing customers since 2010, including Fortune 500 companies, startups, and mid-sized companies.

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"Prototype team is supporting us with everything they can. If you're looking for a professional and fast team to support you in development and design, they're the team!"

Emad Kamal
STC, Head of UX
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“I've had an enjoyable experience working with the team. They've been on-point, strategic, and delivered to the brief, and I would highly recommend them to anyone.”

Ali Inam
Head of Marketing, CAFU

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More and more organizations are realizing that the value of a good design goes beyond aesthetics, especially, in the digital sphere. It gives users a better understanding and connection with the brands while maintaining a simplified way to solve their audience’s problems.UI design may seem like all art, but it also involves some science. Research is done to know which colors, shapes, layouts, text resonate best with your audience and lead them to their desired actions. Good UI design should also be consistent throughout the main and other related platforms, easy to understand for any levels of experience, provide immediate feedback, make the needs of the users accessible, intuitive with the actions of users, follow a hierarchy of information, and keep users in control.This is how our UI design agency approaches design for any type of digital product - whether it’s a website, a mobile app, or an employee dashboard. Our experienced designers start the process by gathering all your requirements to ensure consistency in the design. Then, the design goes through multiple planning and iteration stages before going into the interface and interactive design phases. Lastly, we test and create a design guideline to maintain how the design is applied to any page or product.Prototype has been the chosen UI design company of some of the biggest brands in Dubai and the rest of the MENA region. We’ve also handled different types of clients from various industries.By working with Prototype, you are guaranteed to be freed up from creative tasks and get a design that truly represents your brand and elevates your audience’s online experience.