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Our UI UX design agency provides impactful design with measurable results for websites, apps, & other digital channels.
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Why Choose Our UX Design Company

Managing the user experience across multiple channels and platforms can be a daunting task. Our UX design service in Dubai is specifically designed to create efficiencies, consistency, and alignment for businesses that are looking to take their digital maturity to the next level.

We provide all the expertise, processes, and tools that will help you to delight your customers and boost conversions.

  • Conversion-Focused Approach
  • Fast Delivery of New Channels
  • Consistent Design Language Across All Channels
  • Reduced Costs
  • Improved Efficiency
  • Regular and Rigorous Testing
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Our UX Design Process


In-depth UX Research

Using various experience design methodologies we try to understand your business better and see how the design should fit your organization.


Setting Clear Goals for UX Initiatives

As a Dubai UX agency, it is our responsibility to validate the performance of all UX initiatives and to help you measure their return on investment.


Collaborative Strategy & Design

We work with your stakeholders, internal teams, to co-create new concepts and ideas in an agile fashion.


High Fidelity Prototyping

We bring user interfaces to life by creating high-fidelity prototypes to save on expensive development time and undesired iterations.


UI Design and Design System

We follow the atomic design methodology that involves breaking the layout into its components and create a maintainable design system that ensures consistency.


KPI Monitoring

Our program will measure performance before and after the project giving you the freedom to focus on the business while our team is improving your numbers.

UX Design Packages

Both programs start with an in-depth UX audit to identify challenges and opportunities. This qualitative report will provide you with clear guidance on how to enhance your online presence based on your requirements.

Some of Our UX Clients

Our user experience design agency in UAE has been servicing customers since 2010 including Fortune 500 companies, startups, and mid-sized companies.

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"The professionalism Prototype displayed combined with genuine interest in resolving our concerns and meeting tight deadlines has exceeded my expectations. Look forward to working on our next project with Prototype."

Jaco Aucamp
Ecommerce Manager, Chalhoub
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"Working with the team at Prototype always helped me achieve Microsoft objectives."

Gustavo Fuchs
GM, Cloud & Solutions Asia

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With the many options available to consumers today, organizations that provide a fast, smooth, and satisfying experience on their digital platforms have a huge upper hand over their competitors.  This is where good User Experience planning and implementation come in. By researching and analyzing the motivations of your target audience, you can provide a more seamless targeted experience that will also improve the performance of your platform.
Whether you are building a new website or application or trying to improve the performance of an existing platform, starting with UX can only benefit you. Aside from giving the development better direction in shaping your digital solution, a UX design agency can help you set benchmarks and measure KPIs down the road. This, in turn, reduces potential unnecessary costs for redevelopment and gives you a higher return on investment.
UX design is more than just a capability and a service for us. It is the core of every project we do. We’re a UX agency in Dubai that believes in solving your audience’s problems first and your organization’s second so you can realize and achieve your digital goals.
Our user experience design process starts with data and ends with data to bring in as much objectivity as possible. Our UX designers also closely involve your internal stakeholders like employees, department managers, customers or clients, agents, and many more to give us a holistic picture of your design needs. We also start with high-fidelity prototypes that can give you a better feel on how your final product will

function. All scenarios are considered and mapped outright from this stage.  This helps in reducing design and development time.
Our team is a mix of industry veterans who have years of experience in planning and developing product strategies for various industries and new designers with fresh perspectives on designs and implementation. The team follows an agile process by breaking down the project into templates before finalizing the components that the developers can turn into code to give the platform a consistent look and feel. Towards the end, we also create a design system that allows for faster development and design updates in the future.
Prototype has worked in various UX design projects like corporate websites, commercial mobile apps, app games, financial dashboards, and digital tools for employees, among many others. This gives us a unique perspective on every industry and every project that we handle. We’re recognized as one of the top providers of UX services and for pushing the boundaries on how organizations can effectively interact with their target audience. We always recommend fresh executions and cutting-edge solutions that can not only meet but also exceed the expectations of users.
We also provide usability testing throughout various stages of the design and development to steer the project in the right direction and avoid unnecessary development changes down the road.
By choosing our UX design agency, you are guaranteed to end up with a product that looks good, is easy to use, conversion-focused, and solves your digital problems.