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Jawwy Design System

Jawwy is the sister company of STC, the biggest telecommunication company in Saudi Arabia. Jawwy is a relatively new brand that focuses on a digital-first approach to allow subscribers to personalize their plans. Prototype has worked on several projects for both STC and Jawwy including the redesign for the former. We proposed consolidating and aligning all the designs of Jawwy we’ve done so far to ensure consistency and save a lot of time in launching new landing pages or screens for promos and events.

All visual elements for Jawwy’s digital channels such as fonts, icons, and buttons are custom-made but were developed every time there was a need. The first step in aligning the designs was to collate all available digital assets even those owned or developed by/for other stakeholders. The smallest components of these assets were organized side by side to see if there were incorrect or inconsistent design applications. Then, they were standardized for any screen size or any purpose even including possible future usage.

The code of these components are now stored in a single document that allows multiple stakeholders to copy and use them to work on different projects at the same time. Design updates and versioning are also made easier because they are only done in the main document and all instances will be updated as well. 

The main objective was to create a strong visual identity that can be consistently applied and easily updated. The design system also needs to bridge any gaps among team members and teams typically involved in the creation of digital products like design, development, and business teams.

The Process

  • Audit
  • UI Design
  • Development
  • Delivery

The Results

An extremely thorough repository of design elements that can be used for any digital project or purpose of the brand and allowed for faster launch of time-sensitive campaigns.

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