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What is the result of the DSX program?

  • Automation of internal processes to increase efficiency
  • Reduce costs and increase revenues through audits and optimization
  • Optimize customer experience and automate workflows
  • Develop cyclic, automated customer engagement channels

Would you agree that what you need now are small changes to your existing setup that make a positive impact on your bottom line?

In just two hours, we can unlock new opportunities for your business to create efficiencies and save costs using a structured approach.

Our program has been implemented by more than 200 companies to improve their digital channels; here are some of the results:

  • Increase in sales performance by 40% by rethinking sales automation and social selling approach. (Engagement duration two days)
  • Reduction of infrastructure fees by over 50% while increasing digital platform performance, and streamlined online hiring process (Engagement duration six weeks)
  • Saved $400,000 in technology costs by recommending the right technology to improve multi-stakeholder experiences. (Engagement duration four weeks)
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See what our customers say

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"Outstanding - it raised my expectations for future program with any organization/business.”

Sara Davis
Miami Dade County
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"Excellent program, very well facilitated, it helps to open up fresh/new thinking on the big picture & overall strategy.”

Sweta Kanoria

What is the result of the DSX program?

Our methodology is hands-on, practical, and focuses on results. We know that businesses have to apply lean and fast transformations to stay competitive. Not just today - but at all times.

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Alexander Rauser

Alexander is the author of Boardroom Guide to Digital Accountability and Digital Strategy: A Guide to Digital Business Transformation. He is the creator of the DSX program, a digital strategy and transformation program for businesses.

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Nikhil Roy

Nikhil brings eight years of experience in consulting and business development. Nikhil is driving digital innovation at Prototype and helps businesses to optimize their processes, and improve customer experience. He is a published author, presenter, and workshop facilitator.

We will guide you through our leading digital transformation program to create new efficiencies, validate your return on investment, and measure the performance of your digital assets.

The DSX program is fast and agile and takes less than five days to complete.

How does it work?

There are three entirely tangible deliverables from this digital transformation program:


Dashboard and Measurement Plan

Shows the full picture of the company’s digital ecosystem (including KPIs) to measure performance. This also includes a plan to improve or adjust these KPIs, if necessary.


Customer Journey Map

Shows the customer journey, the various digital touchpoints along the way, and how they integrate with the overall journey.


Strategy Map

A plan that shows the initiatives the business needs to implement, and the order, to ensure it creates internal knowledge, adjusts related processes when necessary, has the right platforms (digital tools) in place.

DSX Consulting

By applying the DSX method, we will work with your company to help identify new digital transformation opportunities, across departments, that have remained unmet.

With the discovered data, Prototype builds a plan of initiatives just for you and helps you to oversee the execution, and ensuring that each strategic objective is met. It means working within all departments to assist cross-functioning teams to discover, develop, and advance ideas that tie everything together – your brand’s goals and the needs of the consumer.

Digital Strategy

The team of strategy experts at Prototype works with you to define and create an all-inclusive digital innovation program for your brand.  We analyze  your current strategies and tools and improve your digital offering in an effort to achieve your company goals.

Digital Transformation

By helping you transform your everyday business operations into digitally sound solutions, your Company can gain an edge over competition, lower costs and increase revenue.

Digital Consulting

Prototype acts as an extension of your team with the talent necessary to rapidly accelerate a digital change across your organization. The UX, technical, and marketing teams at Prototype can help you reach digital maturity and outperform your competition.

Technical Consulting

Prototype’s full-service offering allows the range of motion necessary to design, implement, and market your products and/or services, taking your business to the next level.

These plans will effectively connect your brand with online consumers. Understanding the technology that plays a role in your customers’ lives, and the ability to spot trends of the same time, are some powerful additions to your digital transformation toolbelt.

Our Clients

Since 2010, hundreds of companies from various industries, including software, telecommunications, logistics, media companies have undergone our digital transformation program.

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"Working with the team at Prototype always helped me achieve Microsoft objectives."

Gustavo Fuchs
GM, Cloud & Solutions Asia
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"Great team, very creative and proactive with great industry insights and recommendations. Highly recommended."

Omar Abu Omar
Head of Digital, Dubai Properties

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