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Dubai Retail Design System

Dubai Holdings tapped Prototype to introduce Dubai Retail to its various stakeholders through its new website. Dubai Retail consolidates all retail assets of TECOM Group, Jumeirah Group, and Dubai Properties into a single brand. The main challenge was to create a design that can work for multiple brands with varying styles. The design should also be flexible to be applied to future websites of the sub-brands.

To create a memorable brand identity for a new brand, we standardized the design across all pages for the different property brands. The secondary colors, components, icons, and other elements were modernized but simplified to allow for flexible applications. We also created components that can be customized for each sub-brand.

The designs were organized in a design system that allowed us to speed up the development process and gave Dubai Retail easier access for future projects.

The main objective was to create a modern design that appeals to multiple target personas such as tenants, partners, and visitors. The design system also needs to improve the collaboration between the design and development teams - both present and future.

The Process

  • DSX Workshop
  • UX and UI Design
  • Development and QA
  • Delivery

The Results

A clean, modern UI design that reflects the brand’s and its sub-brands’ values and identities. 

A future-proof design system that could save them costs and time in the development of the sub-brands websites.

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