Dubai Airports
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DXB Design System

With the announcement of Dubai Airports’ transition to Dubai International or DXB, came a challenge in translating the new branding and the promise of a better airport experience into a seamless digital experience. Prototype was initially tasked to create the design of the passenger and Wi-Fi websites. Both the UX and visual identity should be seamless from the moment a passenger plans their flight until they board their plane.

Referencing the bold and modern brand identity of DXB, we designed components that can be used and reused for various digital channels. However, we still followed the best practices on creating a comprehensible and coherent design to ensure that it caters to a very diverse audience with differing levels of digital experience and literacy.

The main challenge was creating the visual and functional consistency of the main passenger website, accessible by anyone, and the Wi-Fi website, accessible by people within the vicinity of the airport to make the online and offline experience look and feel seamless.

The main objective was to reinforce the new branding and positioning by creating a memorable, modern, and easy-to-understand UI design.

The Process

  • DSX Workshop
  • UX and UI Design
  • Development and QA
  • Delivery

The Results

A striking and memorable UI design consistent with the new branding.

Having a design system helped us create a continuous online-offline experience for passengers and save the client resources in the later development of the DXB corporate website and other new pages.

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