How to Improve User Experience Design

May 31, 2014

User Experience Design (UX) is a hot topic at the moment and as a business you should be constantly analysing how you can improve the experience of your user when they visit your website. The digital world is an ever changing sphere, that brings new challenges to businesses every day and the key to success is to constantly flux your system to ensure you are offering the best experience possible. This blog looks into the how you can create the best experience possible for your user each time they come into contact with your business. Here are our top 3 ways to improve:

The numbers prove that businesses need to become more aware of their user experience to keep users returning. Technology corporation Oracle found that 49 per cent of CEOs believe a customer will swop brands due to a bad experience. In actual fact, 89% of customers have reported to actually switch brands. The numbers are much higher than businesses currently think. With only 25% of business actively trying to improve their user experience, it is clear that there needs to be a change in mind set for businesses to succeed.

1)    Give them what they want:

One way you can improve user experience design is by ensuring you are delivering what your users actually want. The key here is to remember that not every platform should be designed in the same way and offer the same experience. You need to research via interviews or usability test, what your user wants to do on your website, your app, on their smartphone and on their tablet. You must offer a user-friendly, multi-channel experience. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What does your user use each platform for? Is it to purchase, connect or promote?
  • Is that clear when a user first looks at the information on your website or app?
  • How long does it take for your user to get what they want out of your site?

The last question is incredibly important, as most consumers will leave a site if it is inefficient in giving them what they want. For a good example look at Sephora, a US based beauty store that has managed multi-channel experiences seamlessly.

2)    Show them you are worth it:

When a user leaves your website or app they should feel like they have gained something by visiting your business. You need to speak to your users' needs and the only way to ensure that you do this is to have a content strategy. There is no point in blogging about the intricacies of a golf cart when users actually just want to read about technique. Having a solid content strategy will ensure you say what you want to say to the right people - your users. It is equally as important for you to align your content with your brand. You want to make sure your brand's message, promise and identity is consistent across all platforms.

3)    Evoke Emotion:

This does not mean make your user cry. It basically means you need to try and create a human connection with your user. You want to make them feel like they are part of the family, help them to identify with your core promise and make them feel like they have a shared value with your brand. Here are some of the ways you can bring out the emotional connection with your audience:

  • Storytelling: It is difficult to be online all the time, so brands are starting to use the art of storytelling to create meaningful content on their site. If you can make your story relatable, personal and relevant, then you will become memorable. Chipotle, a fast food restaurant in the USA created this award winning video that told their story perfectly.  
  • Inspire your Users: There are many ways you can inspire your users. For Dove, they stripped down to tackle women's self-image with their Campaign for Real Beauty. Apple has inspired people all over the world to wait outside the Apple shops for hours just to get the latest product. How can your brand inspire your users?
  • Be singled out as an expert: If you can position yourself so that your users consider you to be the voice of knowledge in your niche market then you will have connected with your consumer. Tell your users things they don't already know and go in to detail. You will find you will see an increase in sales and your users will be loyal.

Have you tried to achieve any of the above techniques to improve UX? Talk to Prototype, a leading UX design company, for your UX needs.

Written by
Alexander Rauser
Alexander Rauser


Alexander Rauser is the author of Boardroom Guide to Digital Accountability and Digital Strategy: A Guide to Digital Business Transformation, and creator of the DSX Program, a digital strategy and transformation program for Enterprises.

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