Following Up With Your Content Marketing Leads

September 20, 2020
following up content marketing leads

Once you get visitors turning into leads, you will have to follow up with them continuously to convert them into sales. 

This process is called lead nurturing and means building a relationship, trust, and engagement with your potential customer.

Keep in mind that you captured leads through valuable and genuine content and may not be aware of how your business can help them.

To achieve this, you need to create a series of follow-up emails to stay in touch with each lead and create awareness, answer any of their questions, and ease them into a purchase.

I want you to think about five messages in the form of emails that you could send to each lead. Think about more detailed information you can provide, additional questions they may have, as well as how you can introduce your products and services. Keep the end goal in mind, which is closing the sale. What usually happens before you close a deal? Maybe some specific meetings or questions keep coming up. Also, think about the incentives you are traditionally offering to get people to buy from you.

Write down the subject lines and the content for each email.

Following up with each lead is tedious, but many tools can automate this process for you. Let's take a look at a sample using Active Campaign.

Try to send the messages for the first couple of leads manually, as it will give you a better feel of what you created comes across natural and genuine

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