Google Announces Google Analytics 360 Suite

May 16, 2016

The race is on for a product that can combine data from across several channels into one simple platform. Oracle, Adobe, Facebook and now Google are all developing and releasing products designed to make life much easier for a marketer or analyst in a large organisation.

Google just released their Google Analytics 360 Suite, a platform made particularly attractive by its native integrations with Adwords and Doubleclick. This post takes a look at what the new package offers, old and new.

Google Audience 360 - Data Management Platform (DMP)

Google's bright and shiny new DMP goes by the name of Google Audience 360 and is currently in beta. Google Audience 360 integrates with both DoubleClick and Adwords as well as other DSPs. This means that marketers and advertisers can build audience segments in the Google DMP and then use these segments across all their advertising platforms. In addition to this, the Google DMP ensures that audiences aren't targeted with the same remarketing ads across several exchanges using a universal impression cap. Another feature is that marketers and advertisers will be able to target segments in Google RLSA campaigns and use them on the GDN. Finally, if a CRM is linked to Audience 360, marketers will be able to use email lists for Customer Match targeting and can update this data in real-time.

Google Optimize 360 - On-site Testing Tool

The new Google Testing Tool named Google Optimize 360 has the ability to A/B test landing pages without having to change code and this tool can be neatly tied to the Google DMP, Doubleclick and Adwords for campaign tests. Currently advertisers that are using testing tools either have in house solutions or use those on the market like Optimizely. This is another useful addition to the Google toolbox, offering a place to test campaigns, offers, layouts and customer journeys by segment.

Google Data Studio 360 - Data Analysis and Visualisations

The Google Data Studio allows marketers to work on reports and dashboards in real time and offer a way for them to present data in a meaningful way with actionable insights. The Data Studio can be integrated with all of the Google products but also several other data sources as well.

Google Tag Manager 360 - Tag Manager

This existing product has been positioned as a brand-new product because it now stands alone, whereas before it was an extension of Google Analytics. Google Tag Manager offers a place for marketers to set up complex tracking on website without having to edit code directly. It is not yet entirely clear what the new Tag Manager will do aside use more powerful APIs to increase accuracy.

Google Analytics 360:

This is basically the current Google Analytics Premium product and there are no current updates to the platform.

Google Attribution 360 - Attribution Modelling:

This final piece of the Google 360 puzzle, originally known as Adometry, offers attribution insights across channels, devices and systems. Marketing professionals can use this tool to optimize their bids based on conversion attribution results.

As mentioned, many of the features of the Google Analytics 360 Suite are still in beta being testing with brands such as Progressive, L'Oreal Canada and Google's Nest. How do you feel about all the new products available from Google? Will you buy into all of it or try to spread your toolbox still?

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Written by
Alexander Rauser
Alexander Rauser


Alexander Rauser is the author of Boardroom Guide to Digital Accountability and Digital Strategy: A Guide to Digital Business Transformation, and creator of the DSX Program, a digital strategy and transformation program for Enterprises.

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