Prototype developers weekly; event!

May 13, 2016; is a monthly event where the developers take a day to sit together, try out new technologies, talk about latest trends, and share coding tricks.

This month's; theme was about the new instant articles, the latest trend with publishers all over the world. An instant article is a HTML 5 document optimized for a high quality mobile performance, using rich storytelling capabilities, branded design and customized visual display. Here are the advantages of this service:

  • Better User Experience for Users - instant articles load and display up to 10 times faster than regular mobile interfaces
  • More Creativity - Instant articles offer a suite of tools that help to bring articles to life.
  • Ease of Use - Instant articles were made to make publishing articles easy. Publishers can even link up there current CMS to their instant articles to automate their articles similar to an RSS feed.

Facebook, Apple, and Google are all investing in different instant article technologies that cache and quickly render news articles and pages for mobile devices, eliminating any performance bottlenecks in the pages and allowing users to instantly view and read the articles.

You can try Facebook's instant articles currently in their mobile app platform, a service that more and more publishers are using to publish their content. For Apple you need an iOS device with the Apple News app installed, where you can subscribe to news and get articles based on your subscriptions and interest. Lastly, Google is taking a different approach by creating a standard way to build HTML pages that render quickly.

Our Prototype developers took an interest in Google's approach, and they investigated the best ways to implement it. Many hours later, the team created a Chrome extension supported by a powerful backend that actually read any HTML page and served it again with Google's AMP rules. The tool can also create JSON files that can be published on Apple's News Publisher.

The Chrome extension and back-end development created by the Prototype team are still in beta phase, but the team promises that they will be ready when Apple and Facebook open up the API for developers.

In the meantime, here are some helpful resources:Google's AMPFacebook instant articlesApple News Publisher

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Written by
Alexander Rauser
Alexander Rauser


Alexander Rauser is the author of Boardroom Guide to Digital Accountability and Digital Strategy: A Guide to Digital Business Transformation, and creator of the DSX Program, a digital strategy and transformation program for Enterprises.

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