Top 10 Awesome Places to Find Web Fonts

September 20, 2013

We know sometimes you don't have the time to research new resources on the Internet. You have a million other things on your list and you just want to find the right materials immediately. This blog is dedicated to those moments when you need a font but don't want to stroll through endless websites to find the right style. Below, we have listed the Top 10 places to find new web fonts.

1) Font Squirrel

Font Squirrel seems like the best place to start because it is a FREE service. You can find awesome fonts licensed for desktop or web use. You need to upload the font files so you need to host your own site on a server to do this. You also might spend a little extra time clicking through to different sites, but this is all worth it because it is free. We like free.

2) Font Squirrel Font Generator

Again, this is another FREE service and it is ideal for those who have a font that is not available in any online font kits or those who have gone to town and created their own font. All you have to do is upload the font and this generator will convert it to a web format. All you need to remember is to only use fonts that you are licensed to use.


This is the place for all the big names in font land and offers a membership for just web fonts. With clients such as Nike and Sony, this website is clearly a favourite among some of the big players. You can get a free subscription but if you really want to talk fonts, you're starting package is around $10 a month and this can go up to $100.

4) H&FJ Webfonts

These guys really care about their webfonts and you can tell that extra TLC has gone into each beautiful font. These fonts are great for a site that you are hand-coding as they keep it simple as well as beautiful. They are certainly more on the expensive side of fonts, but, if you find what you are looking for it can be very worth it.

5) Fontsdeck

Fontsdeck is for those looking to use only one or two fonts on their site and who only want to pay for just that. You can trial any font you like on your website for free and then buy the fonts you like for just $2.50 and up per year.

6) Edge Web Fonts

This is another freebie site full with top quality fonts from Adobe. The site is very easy to use due to their partnership with Google and you can upload your font of choice effortlessly to your own website. Adobe's reputation is of stellar status and the fonts available at this website are second to none.

7) FontSpring

Want to buy fonts that you can continue to use forever and ever without paying extra fees in the future? Look no further than Fontspring. They have an extensive selection of fonts for the web with interminable licenses. The fonts cost around $5 per font and they are yours forever!

8) MyFonts

My Fonts offers an extensive collection of fonts in OpenType, TrueType and PostScript formats in an easy to navigate website. You can also make use of their organization tool but this is only available on Mac. Their pricing is reasonable with some Starlet fonts starting at just $10. They also display their fonts with graphics and colour to help show how each font could be used.

9) Typekit

Typekit is probably the most popular font site on the web for those willing to pay. It has a huge font gallery with fairly reasonable prices and the fonts are from Adobe. Their price packages range from $0 to $100 and you can enjoy many extra features such as the ability to sync your fonts to your desktop.

10) Google Fonts

This seemed worth the mention because again it is a free service. Google might not store the most awe-inspiring fonts but they are, at the end of the day, a resource for free open-source web fonts for your online use.

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Alexander Rauser
Alexander Rauser


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