Top Financial Social Media Influencers

July 1, 2016

Social media influencers are important to marketers because they help to connect a brand to their audience. If you partner closely with an influencer they will be involved in helping you make content choices that will appeal to your target audience as well as help you write the compelling content required to capture their attention. Developing an influencer strategy in finance comes with many challenges because in most cases there are certain regulations financial companies must adhere to and the sales process in finance is very individual and complex. This being said, we are increasingly seeing higher demand for more engaging content surrounding finance..

Let's look at some potential finance influencers available today:

The Parent - The Centsible Life
Fidelity partnered with influencer Kelly Whalen who has over 15,000 Twitter followers and over 10,000 Pinterest followers, to create compelling new content for their customers. Kelly is the perfect candidate for this kind of outreach because she fits the profile of a Fidelity customer and can reach that audience in a more humble way than a direct sale. Kelly is a great choice of influencer for banks looking to target young families.

The Dad - Dave Ramsey
Dave Ramsey has recommendations about financial stability on pretty much anything. He has a talk show and a whole team of additional personalities (including his daughter) under his brand. He has 3.5 million followers on Facebook and 752K followers on Twitter. This is the type of influencer you have to pay the big bucks for however the ROI from this type of engagement should be high.

The Young Professional Woman - Ginger Latte
Ginger Dean has over 10K followers on Facebook and focuses much of her attention around educating women on how to manage their money. She has worked with the likes of Forbe's, Teen Vogue, Esquire, and MSNBC. Ginger is ideal for a bank or financial firm looking to reach the Millennial audience with saving opportunities, purchasing a home and preparing for a family.

The Pre-Retiree - Kris Miller
Kris Miller describes herself as a Legacy Wealth Strategist with the goal of helping people retire early with money management skills. She recently wrote the book 'Pretirement: 3 Secrets for Safe Money and a Fabulous Future' and speaks around the country on the topic of wealth management. Kris is a great influencer for financial businesses looking to reach an older audience reaching retirement age.

The Investors - Proactive Investors
The Proactive Investors boast almost 30K followers on Facebook and almost 13K followers on Twitter, and place heavy emphasis on content surrounding breaking market news and investors. This website seeks an audience from the UK , Canada, The USA and Australia. This group would be a good influencer option for a financial company looking to promote investment opportunities within the bank and/or to grow a strong market voice within the industry.

The financial industry has been slow to join the growing digital landscape, however the time is now to seek new opportunities to reach a new audience online before disruptive companies and technologies capture them first. Influencer outreach is a great way to attract and gain the trust of a new audience relatively quickly. Tell us what you think over on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Written by
Alexander Rauser
Alexander Rauser


Alexander Rauser is the author of Boardroom Guide to Digital Accountability and Digital Strategy: A Guide to Digital Business Transformation, and creator of the DSX Program, a digital strategy and transformation program for Enterprises.

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