Digital Design Lead

Push the boundaries through creative technology


  • Remote position, work from anywhere in the world (catering to GMT+4)
  • Be part of a new innovative UX methodology
  • Lead an autonomous work group

Role Description

In less than 10 years the majority of websites will be created by AI tools. Content will be created automatically, images produced by stable diffusion and the design optimized through algorithmic template engines.

At the forefront of these changes, Prototype aims to be the one-stop design consultancy for corporates that seek to push the status quo. We research trends in our clients’ markets to understand their most urgent user experience pain points, and present them with a complete solution that makes strategic sense. Think about dealing with high profile customers such as the Government of Dubai where you will be required to manage creative projects and push boundaries using the latest technologies, creativity and user experience.

For this, we are looking for an open creative facilitator to join our design team. This is not a role for someone who would prefer fitting customers into ready designed homepage templates or UI kits, we would like you to deeply understand the customer segment and make our creative proposal relevant to their business needs.

If you enjoy understanding corporate business challenges, and create winning innovative pitches, apply today!

What you will be doing

  • Winning pitches through creative thinking, problem solving and challenging the status quo of digital design.
  • Working independently and managing various projects simultaneously, responsible for your own time.
  • Taking responsibility for the end-to-end design process to solve a business challenge. This includes anything related to content, technology, design implementation and user experience.

What you will not be doing

  • Working off tasks one by one, we require you to take charge of the process
  • Designing homepage templates and coloring wireframes

Ready to apply?

We give a fair chance to all candidates no matter what background, education or experience they have. Hence, our process starts with a short assessment for you to complete.

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