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Adheedk Parent Engagement App

Adedak is a new initiative by the Ministry of Education and offers a gamified way to create insights for the government on parental behavior within in the country. The application allows parents to track activities such as parent-teacher meetings, parent-child engagements, and general family activities. Parents can: Check-in to a school Record dropping off children Track parent teacher engagements Participate in events and activities

The Strategy

Data about families is fragmented across various government units, and the ministry required a new way to capture data, create insights, and build business intelligence.

Prototype, therefore, created a strategy for the ministry of education on how to capture this data in a way where families would want to provide this information by providing a gamified experience.

Parents could sign up to the application using their national ID card as a first verification step. From here, they could add other family members, such as a spouse, but also their children.

The family could now participate in activities that are tracked using QR codes, check-ins, and other forms of validation. 

For example, the family could visit a park with their children and track this activity to earn points. Besides, the experience included the tracking of engagements with the children's school and teachers.

Parents would compete in a global leaderboard, where they could see how they perform compared to other parents in the country.

The Process

  • Project Analysis
  • UX & Design
  • MVP Development
  • Testing
  • Development and QA
  • Delivery


Prototype had to develop a complex set of business rules and system integrations to make the application work seamlessly. The challenges were mainly around family constellations, for example, divorced parents with multiple children across families as well as verifying this data from a large number of government sources.

The ministry needed a birdseye view on the data, progression, and insights that the application generates. While the app was making a new way to engage with parents, it also enabled the ministry to collect a vast amount of data that had to be analyzed to create valuable insights for the government.

  • Drupal CMS
  • Hosted on Azure with virtual machine
  • Node JS middleware 
  • Integrated with mobile app
  • Integrated with Mambo 
  • App center for build automation

The Results

  • Gamified app interface
  • Robust data collection and processing from multiple sources
  • Secure data environment
  • Comprehensive data reporting dashboard
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