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RedfestDXB Microsite

RedfestDXB campaign. Visit adidas at RedfestDXB and get a chance to meet Rita Ora.

adidas redfest banner

Engaging online campaign for adidas.

adidas appointed Prototype to create an online campaign for the annual Redfest music festival in Dubai.

The campaign was set around superstar Rita Ora who performed live at the fest. The site invited users to register in order to get a chance to meet their star for a personal meet and greet session.

adidas redfesr ui design

Creating social engagement.

In order to create a viral buzz the microsite allowed users to create their personal adidas the future GIF by uploading their own photo and merging it with the new TV commercial.

The photo could then be shared on social media and participants would get access to the VIP area at the adidas booth at the festival.

The solution.

Powered by Node.js.

adidas redfest gif generator

Technical info.

GIF Generator.The microsite allows users to create a personalized GIF in real-time by merging their photo with the adidas the future TV commercial.

Fast reliable web app.The app was built using node.js in order to guarantee scalability and allow thousands of users to register or generate their GIFs simultaneously.

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