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Akhbar Al Aan Website Optimization

Akhbar Al Aan is a pan-Arab news organization that covers both Arab and international news including: reports, opinions and analysis of experts, culture, sports, and economy. Their website was struggling to keep the traffic coming into their site so they asked Prototype to investigate and resolve the issues.

There were many factors affecting the dip in the site’s performance. We prioritized the tasks that could bring big and immediate positive impact to the Akhbar Al Aan website first to help them recover fast.

We also created a reporting dashboard to monitor key metrics regularly.

The main objective was to fix key performance indicators that affected the site - most of which are related to the dwell time of users.

The Process

Analytics Review

UX Review

Analytics Setup & Fixes

UX Design

Page Speed Optimizations

Front End Development & QA



The Results

Improved Page Speed by up to 293% 

Pages per session increased by up to 77%

Social traffic increased by up to 140%

Bounce rate decreased by as much as 59%

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