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Al Arabiya News App

Comprehensive online coverage of news in the Arab world for Windows Phone

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Windows Phone Video Streaming


Al Arabiya Arabic brings you the latest videos and analysis from across the Arab world. Prototype created the Windows Phone application for the popular news portal, which allows users to stream latest videos directly from their mobile phone.

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Video streaming

The Concept

The application taps into the vast amount of daily updated videos from Al Arabiya. Users can browse and stream videos from multiple categories.

Focus on content delivery.

The Design

Sharing of content

Users can share content using the Windows Phone sharing options.

Video streaming

Videos are streamed in real time from the Al Arabiya servers.

Arabic user interface

The application was developed in Arabic language.

al arabiya news app video streaming

Arabic News Video Streaming

The Result

With the launch of the Al Arabiya Windows Phone application we brought Arabic news video to Windows Phone and exposed the brand to a fast growing community of mobile users.

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