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Prototype was appointed to design and develop the Ansabdiscounts web application that would allow users to get easy access to all deals in the region.‍

ansab discounts website case study banner is an aggregate website. The site collects and presents a list of deeply discounted deals and branded products from third party group buying and shopping club sites across the Middle East. Users can find amazing price cuts on anything from beauty treatments & helicopter rides, to electronic gadgets & shoes!

Prototype was appointed to design and develop this web application and create a simple user interface which would allow site visitors to get easy access to all deals in the region.

Our Task

We had to first develop a system that would allow to easily aggregate deals from dozens of deal websites across the Middle East. We used Orchard, the open source .NET CMS as a base for the application and developed custom modules based on the clients’ business requirements.

ansabdiscounts website wireframe


We first started to analyze different group buying sites and the content they expose for each deal. We had to find a common ground between all sites and plan the architecture of the site to display the information in the most convenient way.

The site would have to feature deals, have an archive of all current deals as well as include a special section for membership only and brand specific deals.

Since the site is targeting multiple countries content needs to be relevant and make it easy for users to skim through many deals at a time. We created wireframes for all key pages in order to plan the application flow and deals listing pages.

ansab discounts website design

The Design

Most group buying sites have a very distinct look and feel, e-commerce driven, clear call to action and very organized content.

The deal aggregator had to fulfill the same design principles and the goal was to combine the best of group buying with a modern user interface and Web 2.0 style.

We took the brand and translated it into a design that would make each deal stand out and give the user enough whitespace to explore content easily.

ansabdiscounts website UI design

How it works

Deal website owners register on and provide their daily deals feed. The system will then pick up the deals automatically and showcase them on the website depending on categories and countries.

Users can either visit the site or subscribe to a digest email which will be sent automatically once new deals are available. This way provides an easy way for users to get all the best deals instead of subscribing to multiple deals sites independently or visiting many websites each day.

ansab discounts website code

The Result

We created a website that is a big timesaver for all deal lovers to find, explore and buy deals online.

ansab discounts website
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