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New website and content strategy for Aseel Finance. Aseel Finance wanted to revamp their old website to create a modern platform with a fresh look and feel as well as an improved user experience.

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Creating a new brand online

Aseel Finance wanted to revamp their old website to create a modern platform with a fresh look and feel as well as an improved user experience. The long-term goal was to build a new digital brand with a set of guidelines and rules to maintain a consistent user experience across all channels. This included future planned phases for Aseel Finance’s other channels such as email marketing, mobile banking, online banking and more.

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Initial state of the project

Aseel Finance had an existing website that was outdated in terms of technology, flexibility, design and user experience. During our design and implementation process, we analyzed the existing framework and benchmarked it against local and international competition.

  • We split the website project in two phases. The first phase was the static version of the website that reflected the new design, UX and copy of the website. The second phase was integration of the new website into the Sitecore XP to enable flexible content updates, digital workflows for copy changes, new offers, lead capturing and follow-ups.
  • The phased approach ensured a quick turnaround for the bank with their updated design, whilst still allowing for the integration into CMS platform to go on behind the scenes with no disruptions on business goals and acquisitions.
  • The main challenge was the copy of the website. In our design process we targeted their entire information architecture and structure of their offerings and products, however, the old content was not enough to meet the requirements of the new design and had to be re-created from scratch.
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Stages of the project

To complete the project we took the following steps:

  • UX audit including benchmarking, IA, sitemap and copy direction
  • Copywriting and transcreation
  • UI design and digital brand guidelines
  • Implementation of static website
  • Integration with Sitecore CMS
  • Deployment
  • On going support, testing and new features
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The solution.

In addition to a new website, we built helpful tools such as the branch & payment services locator and personal loan calculators to increase the value of the site to its visitors.

Technical info.

Sitecore CMS.The website is powered by Sitecore CMS which allows the client to manage all content with ease as well as implement a strong personalization strategy across the site.

Digital Branding.The design process was not only following a clean approach to UX and UI, but was set to create a long term digital brand strategy for Aseel.

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