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Facebook Branch

Innovative Facebook Branch App for Commercial Bank of Dubai.

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Facebook Banking App, the first of its kind in the region.


Commercial Bank of Dubai commissioned Prototype Interactive to develop a Facebook banking app for its customers.

This type of app is the first in the region and allows customers to manage their bank accounts on Facebook.

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A bank that adapts to its customer needs.

The Brief

This new app offers customers of CBD a new channel to transfer money online and creates a direct connection to their friends and family.

All is done directly on Facebook and users can check their bank accounts, pay their bills and perform other online banking tasks.

Users can use the Facebook app to:

  • Check their accounts and balances
  • Pay their CBD credit card bills
  • Transfer money between their accounts
  • Keep track of their expense via the ‘Eye on the Expenses’ service

See it in action.

Watch the video below to experience the app.

CBD Facebook banking app UI design

Social Login

The application allows users to login using Facebook and access their online banking.

Taking the bank to the customer

The app enables social banking between family and friends.

Personalized experience

Using social profile data products and services become more relevant and tailored.

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Cross-platform branding with clean design.

The Design

It was important to create a consistent, cross-platform digital brand, offering a coherent experience across different platforms.

The Commercial Bank of Dubai’s website has a strong focus on user experience and this had to translate to Facebook. The Facebook app has easy-to-use forms and clean iconography enabling users to get the same experience on Facebook as they do on the CBD website.

Security was a top priority.

The Challenge

Security was a top priority in this project – all details and transactions had to be kept private and not published to Facebook.

We took several steps to ensure that user accounts remained secure:

  • Facebook has no access to authentications or transactions that take place on the Facebook app. Each activity takes place on the Commercial Bank of Dubai’s secured server.
  • Registration for the app requires the Commercial Bank of Dubai’s Online Banking Credentials to guarantee secure access.
  • Each time a user views their account information on the Facebook branch, or tries to send a transaction, they will receive a one time password to their mobile number registered with CBD.
  • No information is published to your Facebook timeline and all transactions and details are kept private.


Innovation within the finance industry.

The User Experience

Prototype Interactive is very conscientious of providing unique user experiences that enhance the journey for a user with a brand.

This app is the first of its kind in the region that not only offers users a new way to manage their expenses but that also enables the bank to provide an exceptional, personalized experience for the user.

Experience it live

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