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Content Marketing Strategy

Content-based microsite for the Commercial Bank of Dubai

Content-based microsite for the Commercial Bank of Dubai

Web-design. Content Strategy.

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Fully fledged content marketing strategy

The Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD) had an objective of acquiring a large number of new customers that just moved to the UAE by the end of 2016. The main target audience being expats, the idea was to launch a project that would engage with this target audience as well as acquire new potential customers before they land in the UAE.

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Initial state of the project

In the increasingly competitive banking landscape, it was becoming very difficult for banks to gain brand awareness and turn this into acquisition. As such, our strategy aimed to put CBD front-of-mind for those new to the UAE.

The project included the full scoping of the digital acquisition strategy.

CBD microsite screenshots

Stages of the Project

Strategy: the Prototype team interviewed CBD stakeholders to gather sufficient background information before diving into the lead generation strategy to drive new customers.

UX: The user experience design was a key component in the execution of the overall strategy for this project, so the team defined the UX initiative and mapped out the entire customer journey before entering the design stage.

Content production: the next step in the creation of this microsite was content production around the topics Moving, Living & Money. The goal of the website was to educate visitors on life in the UAE with the aim to transform them into customers.

Marketing: following the launch, Prototype initiated the start of the marketing channel implementation to drive qualified traffic to the site.

CBD content microsite mobile phone mockup

The solution.

Content based microsite.

Technical info.

Sitefinity CMS.The website was powered by Sitefinity CMS to enable easy content updates.

Content Strategy.The entire project was built around a content strategy that would drive organic traffic to the site.

Marketing Strategy.Social media and paid advertising channels were utlized to drive additional traffic to the site.

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