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Clear Green Running Campaign

The Lipton Clear Green Running Club is an annual training event in preparation for the Dubai Marathon.

Lipton arabia clear green running campaign

Lipton Clear Green Running Club

The Brief

The Lipton Clear Green Running Club is an annual running event which takes place in December; it is in collaboration with Duplays and consists of weekly training programs in preparation for the Dubai Marathon.

Users that register can train with world class trainers for free and are given free Adidas merchandise.

lipton clear green photo

The Challenge

The training sessions held in the previous years did not witness the crowd that it deserved, therefore to spin the training sessions off and inform as many people as possible, a competition was created to create awareness about the Running Club.

The competition lived on Facebook and users had to simply register their details in order to participate in the sessions. As an option they could share the training session details with their friends, spread the word and get the chance to win a Nintendo Wii.

The Design

The design had to follow the Lipton Clear Green Tea brand guidelines.

We had to push the corporate elements to ensure that the landing tab was catchy enough to maintain the users attention until they made a decision to join the training sessions with clear actions to follow and instructions on how to participate. The result was a highly engaging and interactive campaign that lead to more visitors for the training sessions due to its viral effect using the Facebook platform.

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