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Connect With Nature

Connect with Nature (CWN) is a new UAE-wide interactive education initiative by EWS-WWF and the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi (EAD). The program is designed to educate and inspire young Emiratis between the ages of 15 - 24 years old to celebrate their country’s natural heritage and to get them physically outside into nature. The ultimate goal is to create an up-and-coming community of environmental change makers who will aspire for environmental change and inspire their community.

The Strategy

Based on the client requirement and the DSX workshop. Prototype recommended to keep the website focus on relevant information related to the initiatives, the event, challenges and Connect With Nature initiative (mobile application) through an on boarding landing page.

The Main objective is to push the users to download the mobile application

So they can have access on the resources and challenges that they can attend.

The Process

Project Analysis

UX & Design

Development and QA



•  Mambo
•  React native for the mobile app
•  Azure active directory for users management
•  Firebase for analytics
•  Integration for Drupal for content

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