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Web Design & UX for Dubai Design District.

d3, Dubai Design District Website Redesign

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The Brief

d3 appointed Prototype to revamp their website and shift the focus away from a corporate image to increasing emphasis on lifestyle, culture, and events that d3 had to offer to its visitors and tenants.

d3 case study brief

The Concept

As a design district, d3 caters to several audiences, including their tenants, visitors, and retail outlets. Based on the overall digital strategy created for d3, the new website had to enable the design district to communicate with the public efficiently.

d3 website mockup

The Approach

The site was built using a headless CMS which enabled d3 to serve a blazingly fast website and at the same time enabled us to maintain the website easily and keep it fresh over time. Weekly updates, new content, and promotion of events created a vibrant community website.

d3 website phone mockup

The Solution

Prototype delivered a website that captures d3’s vibrancy and innovation. The content team does not have to struggle with heavy content management systems (CMS) that consume large amounts of computing power and require extensive training to operate. The site is also performant and easy to maintain. Because of the migration to a headless CMS and continuous integration setup, most code changes take less than thirty minutes to be completed, tested, and pushed into production.

Technical info.

Handlebars.js.The static site was built using an internally developed static HTML template engine. The use of Handlebars.js allowed Prototype to create reusable visual elements that were used throughout the site, resulting in shorter time to delivery and a more intuitive developer experience.

Node.js.The static site incorporates a simple Node.js API server for a handful of services, and is deployed on ElasticBeanstalk on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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