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Dealer Contact App

Point of sale lead generation tool for iPad.

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iPad application to capture sales leads


Volkswagen required an iPad application for their sales centers and events that would allow the team to capture leads and send them directly to their CRM.

Prototype was tasked to design the new interface for the application.

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Data capture made simple

The Concept

The application allows sales staff to collect customer information and capture their details as well as their specific interest.

The app allows users to enter information using a simple step by step wizard.

Straightforward, on brand.

The Design

volkswagen dealer app mockups

Step by Step Wizard

Users can navigate back and forth to fill the form and enter their details.

Customized User Controls

The UI was customized to match the overall application design.

Full Editing Capabilities

The data can be edited and is stored offline before data sync.

volkswagen dealer app screenshots

Offline Data Sync

The Result

The application stores data offline if there is no internet connection and allows the admin to push data back to the CRM at any time when connected to the web.

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