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Real-Time Stock Market Watch

Real-Time Stock Market Watch

Real-time stock market application using Node.js

The Brief

Prototype Interactive was appointed by Dubai Financial Market to create a brand new real time market watch for the stock exchange.

The biggest challenge with this project was showing stock prices in real time on the website. In addition to this, the data needed to be presented in a way that was helpful to users.

dfm stock market watch mockup

Mission critical real-time data

The Technology

By connecting directly to the market data we were able to design and develop a fully custom solution for Dubai Financial Market (DFM) that would reflect the trades in real time and require no plugins or additional software on the browser.

The application displays stock prices in real-time using a custom developed Node.js application.

Single page application and vast amounts of data.

UI Design

DFM Stock market watch dashboard design

UX Design

The next challenge was how to display the data to make it the most appealing to users. We used HTML5 charting libraries to plot the market data for the entire index as well as per symbol. The UI was further customizable using ticker tapes and notification boxes that the user could adjust as per their preference.


The user can also separate the ticker tape, market depth per company and personalized watch list on individual windows in case they want to showcase some stocks separately on the screen. The user can customize the trading information that is displayed, by adding / moving columns, can filters or group the stocks by exchange, by sector and by security type, search by keyword, and sort stocks by any of the columns.

Single Sign On

The application contains Single-Sign-On capabilities by connecting to an external authentication server to verify the identity of the user. Anonymous users have access to delayed polled data, but logged in users get the full real-time experience.

dfm stock market watch website laptop mockup

Used by thousands of traders every day

The Result

The application allows users to see all trading companies and their stock prices throughout the day.

Whenever there is a change the dashboard will instantly update and give visual clues to the user, such as flashing etc. Users can also create a fully customized watch list, which enables them to focus on certain symbols and follow them closely. Finally, The application is available in English and Arabic and used by thousands of traders daily to get real-time market updates.

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