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We designed an interactive showcase for the top 100 Arab films for the Dubai International Film Festival.

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Interactive Showcase of Top Movies


For the tenth anniversary of the Dubai International Film Festival we designed the DIFF Film Book an interactive showcase of the top 100 Arab films.

As part of the main website this experience enables users to explore films by genre, director and decade.

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Continuously Explore the Films

The Concept

475 critics voted for the best of Arabic cinema and the site displays this data in an interactive showcase.

Users can search movies using keywords as well as browse the library using different filter options. While exploring films the architecture of this microsite allows users to continue exploring more content by clicking tags along the way. The site was produced in English and Arabic.

A Modern HTML5 Experience.

The Design

dubai international film festival film book website

Planning the UX

By creating initial wireframes we continued to create a storyboard for the flow and transitions for each section.

Digital Branding

The detailing phase applied the corporate brand and aligned the design with the main website.

HTML5 Animations

The site was developed using HTML5 and Javascript with a PHP backend that would import and store the film database for viewing.

DIFF film book website screenshots

Integrated Interactive Experience.

The Result

We created a modern design that translates into an HTML5 experience with smooth transitions and animations.

The design was closely aligned to the Dubai International Film Fest brand guides and the main website.

Experience it live

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