Digital Strategy
Project Type

Change Campaign

Learn how to change your number to du telecom using a microsite and interactive content.

du change campaign case study banner

Interactive microsite that explains the process of changing to du


du telecom tasked us to design an interactive microsite that explains the process of changing your local phone number to their network.

Prototype designed the landing page for the country wide campaign which was a responsive full page scrolling site.

du change campaign image

Responsive campaign site to inform and enable users to change

The Concept

The site was explaining the process and details involved to transfer your phone number to du.

The microsite would play animations while the user is scrolling the site. This would work on both desktop and mobile devices which was important part of the campaign strategy. Users should be able to learn about all the details as well as take instant action.

Responsive parallax scrolling design with custom animations

The Design

du change campaign microsite design


Users can jump to sections, making it easy to access specific content.

Call to action

The website would allow users to change their number online using sign up forms.


Users would be able to view videos and access additional content directly from the site.

du change campaign microsite screenshot

The digital campaign microsite

The Result

The site was an interactive companion to the change to du campaign and enabled customers to learn how to change their numbers in a fun a playful way.

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