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Selfcare App

Self service app to manage your mobile plans.

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One Simple Experience.

Prototype was appointed by du to create the new Selfcare mobile application.

The app allows customers to manage their prepaid, postpaid, fixed lines and enterprise accounts using the intuitive mobile app interface.

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How the app works.

Users are required to login or register before using the app. The application starts with a simple on-boarding process and tutorial that explains users on how to get the most out of the application.

Once logged-in various options are available based on the users accounts, therefore users may be able to see their prepaid balance summary, recharge their prepaid plan by voucher or by credit card.

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The solution.

Fully native applications for a seamless user experience.

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Technical info.

Featured Loaded.For postpaid users there is a re-charge reminder function as well as detailed balances split by data, voice and SMS. Users can see data consumption details split by category (i.e.: streaming, music, browsing, social media).

Focus on User Experience.Users can manage and subscribe to new bundles and the app recommends new bundles that are most convenient for the user. For users with more than one account there is a way to switch contracts and manage all their subscriptions conveniently through a central app experience.

Agile Development.Prototype developed the application using our in-house app development team. Due to the complex nature of the project we followed an agile development approach.

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