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Digital Strategy for B2B Medical Equipment.

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How do you efficiently sell B2B medical equipment that is the first of its kind through online channels?

Imdad appointed Prototype to tackle precisely this challenge and tasked us to create a launch campaign for enCurve, the non-invasive body contouring solution.

The objective of Imdad was to create a compelling campaign that would introduce the new technology to doctors, allow them to learn about the features of the solution quickly and of course generate sales leads.

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Creating a holistic digital marketing campaign

Prototype created a holistic digital marketing campaign that included landing pages, video production, email automation and advertising campaigns. One of the key challenges was to explain the new solution and technology behind enCurve to end-users. To accomplish this, we created a story that would convey the information using illustrations, video, and clear messaging.

Results were achieved through highly targeted advertising, shortening the sales funnel and creating quality sales leads for the business.

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The process was simple.

We started by understanding the clients business, their customers and the end-users of the solution. This allowed us to apply the right tools for each stage of the user journey, creating the perfect marketing mix.

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Basing the campaign on insights and data right from the start, we had a clear plan to generate results.

Creating awareness and delivering the right message at the right time to individual users, allowed us to achieve higher conversions and make the campaign more efficient. The result was a happy client with even more happy customers and a successful product launch.

            - Requirement gathering

            - Creative (UX then UI)

            - Technical analysis

            - Content production

            - Development

            - Content population

            - QA

            - Deployment and release

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