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Fashion in Arabia Digital Marketing

Prototype was appointed to manage the social media for Fashion in Arabia, which included the creation and execution of a complete social media strategy.

fashion in arabia banner case study

Fashion in Arabia, a digital initiative of Swarovski Elements, is a bilingual (English-Arabic) online community.

Prototype was appointed to manage the social media for Fashion in Arabia, which included the creation and execution of a complete social media strategy, with a focus on the Fashion in Arabia Facebook page.

The Challenge

The challenge was to curate and present highly engaging fashion content and editorial – both international and local – for the new online hub. There is no website for Fashion in Arabia so we took the approach of creating an interactive digital experience in the form of a fashion magazine, and created a dedicated Facebook app to be accessed via the Facebook page.

We also managed daily community engagement by posting fashion and celebrity news, trends, polls and more to increase the number of page Likes.

The Concept

fashion in arabia wireframe 1
fashion in arabia website design

The Design

We designed the tab and app based on the brand guidelines, including the font, Bodoni, which is popularly used in fashion magazines.

Special design elements include a sharp-edged mask on images, which gives the magazine its own distinctive look and separates it from more common editorial styles.


fashion in arabia web development

How it works

Users are either directed to the landing page tab, or arrive at the Facebook page where they can access the magazine via the page navigation.

Users can scroll vertically and horizontally via a slider through fashion news with external links such as YouTube videos, designer collections and interviews.

The Process

We began by creating wire-frames which helped to plan the content of features of the app.

These included suggested content and its placement. Upon approval we designed the tab, added missing sections, and finally built and deployed it. It was then managed by our social media team.

fashion in arabia web design

The Result

The result is a dynamic online space with unique, quality content that generates engagement and get's shared by fans.

Our social media report delivered to the client the positive outcomes of the campaign as well as a work-toward strategy for continued, optimal results.

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