Guess Watches
Digital Strategy
Project Type

Spin and Win App and Campaign

Touch screen app to win instant prizes.

Guess Watches Spin & Win Stand

Spin the wheel and win instant prizes.


GUESS watches aspired to design an interactive HTML5 application that would allow users to spin a virtual wheel to win instant prizes.

Prototype Interactive was tasked with this project and the application was built to be deployed on both iPad and touch screen devices in shopping malls and as a part of an activation for the Dubai Shopping Festival.

The technology behind the game

The Challenge

This project posed the Prototype Interactive team with two major requirements.

First, the game needed to randomly select winners and this meant creating a random algorithm. Secondly, the game needed to effectively store data about each applicant for retargeting purposes following the promotion.

Spin the wheel and win instant prizes

The Result

The application was designed to allow a random algorithm to decide if a winner wins a prize when they spin the wheel.

The application required that each user submit their personal details into a form before they spin, allowing the client to capture the required data. The application was delivered across multiple locations and included an admin panel for the client to download the submission data.

Experience it live

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