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Here for Good Campaign

Here for Good, an interactive online campaign.

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What does Here for Good mean to you?

The Campaign

That is what we asked Standard Chartered customers on Facebook in order to create a compelling online campaign to promote the banks brand message Here for Good.

standard chartered here for good campaign screenshot

Reveal your city skyline and get the chance to see Liverpool FC

The Mechanics

The campaign allowed users to submit messages, photos and videos that explain what Here for Good means to them. Each submission would be represented as a dot on the application. All dots together would create the Skyline of the users capitol. The campaign was targeting multiple countries in The Middle East.

We created a fully bespoke Facebook application for the online campaign.

The Design

standard chartered here for good campaign mockups


The campaign was supported by banner ads and social media outreach to generate online buzz.


The campaign was targeting 7 countries and reached thousands of users via Facebook and Twitter.

Enter to win

Every participant could win a trip to the UK to see Liverpool FC live.

standard chartered facebook campaign screenshots

A regional online campaign with great results

The Result

Thousands of users participated in the campaign and the result was an exciting online campaign hosted on Facebook that created brand awareness across multiple countries.

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