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Journey to Egypt Microsite

A digital adventure to explore the amazing Egypt.

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Journey to Egypt

The Brief

Microsoft and Egypt Tourism tasked us to create an interactive experience that would showcase the beauty of Egypt in a totally new way. We created an interactive HTML5 experience that would take you on a journey to explore the most amazing sights across the country.

IE9 Journey to Egypt microsite screenshots

Custom HTML5 engine for a smooth scrolling experience.

The Technology

We had to create our own HTML5 canvas scrolling engine as we had to rely on heavy use of images to achieve the effect we were looking for. The engine would allow us to create multiple layers of images, add custom sprite animations and create a unique horizontal scrolling experience.

The design was a big composed canvas of real footage and images.

The Design

IE9 Journey to Egypt microsite mockup

Additional Content

Each piece of content was supported by Panoramic shots of the area, Wikipedia information and Bing Maps for more in depth content.


One of the main tasks was to create the large panoramic composition made out of many different photos that would make up the final experience.


Instead of relying on CSS and HTML we created the entire site using HTML5 canvas and Javascript. We therefore created a custom engine just for the project.

IE9 Journey to Egypt images

A unique experience using modern web technology

The Result

The Microsite was hosted and promoted by some of the largest newspapers in the region and received positive feedback from all over the world.

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