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Online Marketplace

New website for Kooot.

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An easy to use shopping experience

Rooted in Kuwait’s heritage is the women’s bazaar and Kooot offers women a platform that combines both the concept of a bazaar in to a modern day platform as well as an easy shopping experience. In order to digitally bring Kooot to life, the client tasked Prototype to provide a solution to create a this new online marketplace.

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Initial state of the project

The project was aimed at positioning Kooot as a store that:

  • Enables women of various age groups to access shops, products and global brands that have no presence in the MENA region.
  • Supports women entrepreneurs enabling them to sell their products through this platform in an easy and cost effective way.
  • Creates unique dialogues to motivate women and help them achieve their potential. It is simply an accessible, enjoyable space created by women in the MENA region for their peers.

Prototype kicked off the project by conducting a project analysis on a business level. This involved market research of similar industry platforms, and a technical lens to identify the right platform and tools to use for the demands of this project. Once the functionalities were identified, discussions with the client were held to visualise how the new website will look like in terms of layout. The main challenges that arose during the project included analysing the extent of customisation available on already-built ecommerce plugins that were used on the website.

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Stages of the Project

Prototype discussed with Kooot different layout possibilities for the new website. This step was key in shaping how the features of the website will be delivered, and enabled Prototype’s technical team to start the development of the solution. Content was also a major component of the website, as Kooot products are at the core of the business, and therefore, it was important to ensure a smooth product purchase flow.

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The solution.

The final marketplace stands out in terms of seamless website experience, coupled with a user friendly layout, and a platform that is easy to use by female entrepreneurs to upload their products to their own stores and ultimately sell them online.

Technical info.

Technical Analysis.The project kicked off with the technical project analysis that resulted in the creation of the technical documentation that explained how the project will be implemented. Upon the completion of HTML development and iterative technical quality assurance activities.

Magento E-Commerce.The site was built using the Magento E-Commerce platform and integrated into CRM, marketing and ERP tools.

Experience it live

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