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Shahid.net App

iOS, Android and Windows Phone application for Shahid.net

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Prototype was appointed by MBC to develop the iOS, Android and Windows Phone application for Shahid.net, the most popular video on demand service in the Middle East.

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Streaming mobile video to millions of users

The Challenge

The team had to design and plan the implementation of a service used by millions of users regionally and worldwide and to enable secure streaming across multiple platforms using digital rights management and streaming services.

UX Design for multiple devices

User Experience Design

Prototype has setup a dedicated development team for the client to deliver native applications across different platforms.

The project was run using an agile development approach in order to release new versions, updates and patches more frequently. This was achieved by creating a product backlog, by holding weekly client meetings and by defining and adjusting the development scope instantly before each sprint. Other deliverables include: Regardless of location and time, users can catch up on their favourite television episodes via apps for both iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Option to filter, browse, search for programs/featured programs, episodes, channels, series and clips.

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Project Consulting

Analysis, Specification, UX Design.

The application allows users to stream video and TV shows in Arabic language.

Users can browse shows by category or search the large library of available titles. The result was the initial launch of the application as per the project plan and the on-going subsequent releases of the application over time. This approach also helped the Prototype team to focus on the features that are required at any given moment of time and be more flexible in the implementation. The project is an on-going success that enables millions of users to stream video on demand of MBCs famous programs and shows.

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