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Mina Seyahi Relaunch Microsite

Prototype was tasked to create a microsite and an online campaign that would promote the new brand vision of Mina Seyahi.

Eyes Wide Open for Le Méridien Mina Seyahi
When Starwood Hotels unveiled the newly-refurbished iconic Le Méridien Mina Seyahi, something “out-of-the-ordinary” was called for.

A luxury and up-scale hotel brand, Le Méridien targets an inspired and creative audience “eager to learn something new and see things in a different light.”
Prototype created an online campaign that would reflect the brand's creative vision, allow users, both regular guests and travel professionals, to learn about the new hotel and resort, and create a buzz in anticipation of the launch.

mina seyahi relaunch microsite image banner

The Challenge

Eyes Wide Open centered around a stylish and highly-interactive scrolling microsite, designed to work across all devices but with the target audience's preferred device, the tablet, in mind.
The microsite introduced users to the newly-refurbished resort with the option to unlock an entry to win return-flights and a 3-day hotel experience.

The HTML5 site was developed using extensive Javascript and CSS programming. Since older iPad versions have relatively slow performance when it comes to Javascript execution, we created a special version for these devices to ensure a consistent user experience.

We also created Facebook tabs, emailers and banners for the campaign to promote and ensure traffic to the site.

The Concept

mina seyahi website design

Le Meridien Mina Seyahi Microsite design

How it works

The site invites the user to explore the hotel amenities by effortlessly scrolling through transitioning images of guest rooms and public areas, that communicate the chic interiors and modern amenities

While navigating the site the user may opt to complete an interactive quiz, with one simple multiple choice question for each section easily answered by reading the snippet of copy. The user may then submit his or her details to enter the draw for the prize experience.

The Design

By implementing the Le Méridien branding guidelines we ensured the digital execution was on-brand, distinctively recognizable, and reflected the image of the hotel.

We designed the site completely, including all slides and transitions, before we started the actual development, to ensure this outcome. Clean typography and contemporary graphics also ensured we communicated the creative vision of the brand.

Mina Seyahi microsite design award

The Result

The result was a standout microsite which showcased the hotel in a new way, reinforcing the theme of discovering something new, and reflected the brand's vision that, more than a hotel, Le Méridien is a way of life that provides a new perspective.

Very positive feedback from users of the site as well as a great response to the promotion confirmed the success of the campaign.

Mina seyahi website full design
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