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Online application to create dynamic jump lists for IE9.

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Pin my Website


With Internet Explorer 9 Microsoft introduced a new feature which allows users to pin a website to their taskbar similar to a native Windows application.

Websites that utilize this feature receive up to 30% uplift in repeat visits and make content as well as news more accessible to users while working on their computer. The implementation of this feature however required some basic development experience as well as some time invested in order to make a particular website compatible. Prototype proposed the development of an online app that would make it easier for website owners to add the new pinning feature to their websites. The tool can generate dynamic jump lists by just following 4 simple steps and by pasting a line of JavaScript to a website. Thanks to this online tool, making a website site pinning ready is now a matter of minutes rather than hours. Additionally, the wizard can add a notification bar to the website, making the feature more discoverable to end users and ultimately ensuring that site owners benefit from increased traffic generated from a pinned site.

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