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Website & CMS for Data Collection

Prototype designed the new website for Simply Greener including a clever data capture tool to harvest location based user data.

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Web Design


UK based company, Simply Greener; aim to provide free Photovoltaic (solar) systems to all property owners with suitable properties.

Prototype designed the new website for Simply Greener and developed a comprehensive content management system that allows the company to collect large amounts of consumer data. The application included an online Wizard and connection to the UK post code API in order to validate data.

simply greener website ui design

The Objective

Marketing Tool

The website needed to become the main marketing tool as well as allow the company to capture and process data in an easy way.

While the client expected large amounts of applicants, we had to focus on creating a system that would allow the filtration of entries using a wide range of criteria and would allow the client to manage the day to day business as effectively as possible.

Simply Greener website design

The Design

Simple User Experience

The basic idea behind the design was to make it stand out from its competitors by using a trustworthy and friendly tone.

This was achieved by making the design clean, simple and structured. Each section was laid out in equally spaced boxes to achieve the overall pleasing and balanced look. We used icons consistent with the style of the font to derive the attention to the relevant sections. Typography held the integral part of the design and it set the overall tone and mood of the design. We used VAG Rounded because of its soft, round and friendly features.

simply greener website screenshot

User Experience Design

UX Design

In order to get the most out of a solar panel, the house roof has to meet certain criteria such as roof angle and direction.

As one of the main functionalities of the website was to collect data of potential customers, we developed a form wizard that would allow Simply Greener to collect quality data from the site. The challenge was to make it as easy as possible for users to submit their roof for consideration in the program. Users would start by entering their UK post code, which we would then use to locate their house on Google Maps and set a pin on the roof of the house.

simplygreener website

The Result

Lead Generation Tool

In order to create more accurate data, we then query the UK post code database to get a list of possible addresses for the post code, which the user could select for the form submission.

The user can now enter details about their property which would do a pre-qualification screening and if all good, submit the data to the Simply Greener team. A website that allows Simply Greener to market their company as well as collect high quality data using an automated process.

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