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Supreme Education Council Microsite

Interactive tutorial for students introducing them to their new Windows 8 tablets.

microsoft supreme education council microsite case study banner

Creating an interactive tutorial for students

The Brief

The Supreme Education Council in Qatar tasked us to create an interactive tutorial that would explain students how to configure and use their new Windows 8 tablet devices.

microsoft supreme education council microsite screenshots

Touch enabled step by step microsite to capture the students attention

The Concept

We created a scrolling HTML5 microsite optimized for Windows 8 tablet devices which would take students through a step by step process to learn how to use and configure their tablets. The microsite was making use of HTML5 animations, music and interactivity.

The interactive microsite for students

The Design

microsoft supreme education council microsite


We used Javascript and CSS animations to make the microsite more interactive and compelling for the target audience.

Step by Step Instructions

The site featured step by step wizards to teach students how to configure their different services on the tablet devices.

Interactive Tutorials

We added interactive tutorials and music to the site, all done in HTML5.

microsoft supreme education council website

Introducing new technology in a playful way

The Result

Students were introduced to their new Windows 8 tablets in an interactive and interesting way, while the objectives to get users to configure, use additional services and explore device benefits were met.

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