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IE9 Wonders of Arabia Microsite

Interactive journey through The Middle East and Africa. The microsite is taking you on an interactive journey.

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The microsite is taking you on an interactive journey

The Brief

Microsoft released Internet Explorer 10 including significant speed improvements for web page rendering using modern HTML5 technologies.

We took IE10 for a test drive by challenging the browser using high performance CSS and HTML5 canvas animations. The result was an interactive experience that will take you on a journey through the Middle East and Africa.

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Delivering exciting facts about the MEA region

The Content

We researched the most exciting and interesting facts about the MEA region.

We started from the Sahara Desert and went on a journey through Levant, The Gulf, Egypt and Africa.

Unique design with a focus on strong visual effects and animations

The Design

internet explorer wonders of arabia microsite design

Additional Content

Each piece of content was supported by panorama shots of the described area, Wikipedia information and Bing Maps for more in depth content.

Custom Animations

We created animations for each piece of content in After Effects and then converted them to CSS sprites for the microsite.


The website was using a parallax scrolling effect, Javascript and CSS animations.

The goal was to challenge the browsers performance by adding animations and effects.

wonders of arabia microsite design

We reached thousands of users through partner marketing

The Result

The experience was co-hosted and promoted by some of the most famous newspapers and content providers in the region and resulted in thousands of visitors.

The result was a highly interactive experience for Internet Explorer showcasing some of the most amazing places and facts about The Middle East and Africa.

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