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Our PPC services in Dubai are designed to increase your goal conversion whether it’s leads or sales while driving your costs down.
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Why Choose Our PPC Company

Unlike other PPC advertising companies, we don’t use the set it and forget it approach. We believe in the value of continuous testing to find the best way to reach and appeal to your target audience.

We’ve developed an approach that’s been proven to increase the conversions while lowering the CPL, CPA, or CPC using the same budget.

  • Setup of accounts and campaigns
  • Keyword research
  • Ad experiment plan
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly Optimizations
  • Landing Page Conversion Rate Optimization Tests
  • 7-day onboarding to quickstart your digital marketing campaigns
  • Access to a reporting dashboard for a more transparent reporting
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What’s Included In Our PPC Management Services


Keyword Research

For SEM, our process starts with keyword research based on your existing website, account, competitors, and your products or services. Priority keywords and pages are selected based on profitability and value.


Performance Assessment

We’ll check your accounts’ performance to set the baseline of our Google ads management services.


Site Review

A heuristic UX analysis will be conducted to find obstacles of conversion on the website.


Competitor Benchmark

Direct competitors are examined to determine how to differentiate your ads from theirs.


Experiment Planning

There are various ways to reach your audience on every platform. We create a plan to test which one of them will bring the best results.


Copy and Creative Production

Messaging is crafted based on your service or product’s USP. Variations of the ads is created for AB testing purposes.


Campaign Setup

Industry best practices are implemented when we setup your ad campaigns to ensure that they have strong foundations right from the start.


Regular Optimizations

There are various ways to reach your audience on every platform. We create a plan to test which one of them will bring the best results.


Regular Optimizations

We implement daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly optimizations to keep your ads running optimally.



Get a real time view of the organic search performance of your website based on data from Google Analytics, Google Ads, Youtube, Linkedin Ads, and Facebook Ads.

PPC Platforms

Prototype is more than a search engine marketing company, we offer PPC advertising services for the following platforms:

Google Search Ads

Prototype offers the quintessential paid search service that helps companies appear on top of Google search results page whenever people are actively searching for their products or services.

Google Display Ads

If your audience is not actively searching, Google can help you reach people who are most likely to convert through visual advertisements on their affiliate sites.

Google Shopping

For eCommerce websites who want to display their products on the search results page, Google shopping is the best option.

Google Remarketing

With remarketing, you can remind and reach out to people who have previously shown interest in your product or service through their interaction with your website or mobile app.

Gmail Sponsored Promotions

Want to reach your audience through their inbox? GSP may be the right PPC channel for you.

Facebook Ads

With 2.41 billion active users monthly, it’s almost a crime for companies not to try using Facebook ads. The platform offers multiple placement options including newsfeed, messenger, in-video, sidebar, instant articles, and their affiliate sites.

Instagram Ads

Though more ideal for visual consumer brands, other types of companies from more serious industries are now trying Instagram to reach their audiences.

Linkedin Ads

Suitable for B2B companies, Linkedin gives advertisers the opportunity to target their audiences based on their professional background.

Amazon Ads

With its growing customer base, Amazon is now becoming a go-to advertising platform for eCommerce companies.

Don’t see your preferred channel on the list? Call us to discuss where you would want to appear so we can give you recommendations.

Our PPC Clients

Our PPC management company in Dubai has been providing internet marketing services to a multitude of businesses and industries, including software, telecommunications, real estate, skin care, and banking.

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“I've had a wonderful experience working with the team. They've been on-point, strategic, and delivered to the brief and I would highly recommend them to anyone.”

Ali Inam
Head of Marketing, CAFU
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"I think Prototype is an amazing company. They manage to analyse data and properly integrate it in the projects which they receive from their customers, making it a seamless and consistent experience. The team is amazing and continuously make efforts to optimise the products they are working on. I really recommend them to whoever would like to work with them, as they are super professional and understand the needs of the customers."

Irina Cotescu
Social Media Manager, CAFU

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