Setting Up a Successful eCommerce Business

‍Watch the recording of our webinar, where we discuss how to avoid common pitfalls when entering the world of eCommerce, and how you can set up a successful e-commerce website.‍
April 29, 2020 2:00 PM
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Stop! Don't Build an E-Commerce Website, Just Yet.

Do you have the answers to all these questions?

  • What is the team I need to run my eCommerce business?
  • How do I merchandise properly to get results?
  • How do I get people actually to buy my stuff?
  • How much will all this cost me, and is it worth my investment?
  • How do I compete with Amazon and friends?

You want to set up an e-commerce website and are unsure of what it takes? Join us for our webinar, where we will discuss what goes into setting up an e-commerce site.We will discuss how to use online merchandising strategies to increase conversions, what resources you need from both operational and logistical standpoints, and what common mistakes to avoid.

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Your host

Alexander Rauser built his first custom eCommerce platform 20 years ago to establish an online counterpart to a physical mail order business. Transforming the merchandising business had its challenges. Keeping it lean was critical, automation of workflows helped to streamline costs. Since this time, Alexander and his team have created countless online businesses, including eCommerce websites, service digitization, and online products. He is the CEO of Prototype and the creator of the DSX program, which helps companies to create digital strategies that work.

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