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Our React Native app development service is specifically designed to address your business needs & delight your audience.
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Why Choose Our React Native Development Agency

Unlike other React Native app development companies, we don’t just list down your requirements. We reduce the complexity of your project by understanding and adjusting your business processes, integrating with existing systems, and securely exposing business data. Our proven process guarantees to provide a winning app that solves your business goals and objectives.

  • Cut costs and guarantee app investment ROI
  • Reduce time to market
  • Improve customer experience
  • Custom integrations & APIs for easy app content management
  • Full lifecycle design and marketing
  • High performing and clean code
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Our React Native App Development Process


Mobile Strategy Development

We start with a series of small workshops to explore business objectives, system integrations as well as customer journeys.


UX Design

Our UX design team creates a plan to acquire, onboard, retain and win-back your mobile app users.


UI Design

The initial data will then guide our UI designers to create interfaces that are easy to use and delight users.


Business Model Validation

Part of our job is to test your app idea before the actual development starts, saving you time and money.


Agile Development

Our refined methodology combined with a modern tech stack and experienced mobile app developers allow us to deliver your app faster.


App Development Testing

Automatic testing and QA are integral parts of our operation and are implemented on every release.


Mobile App Marketing

Our iOS development company in Dubai also offers app store optimization, user onboarding, engagement, and win-back strategies.


Analytics, Maintenance, and Improvements

Our additional monthly app SEO, analytics, and CRO programs can ensure that your app continuously performs at the highest standards.

Why Choose React Native For Your App Development?

React Native is our team’s recommended technology for app development. It is the most advanced platform on the market and is used by top technology companies like Facebook, Uber, and Skype. 

React Native apps are written in Javascript that creates native UI app components similar to other apps. React allows developers to share codes of these UI components across platforms which enables faster and more cost-efficient development for both iOS and Android. 

  • Responsive UI design
  • Optimal app performance
  • Increased speed of mobile development by 30%
  • Lower cross platform development costs
  • One code base for easier maintenance
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Our React Native App Development Clients

Our React Native agency has been providing services to a multitude of businesses and industries, including software, telecommunications, logistics, media companies.

omar abu omar photo

"Great team, very creative and proactive with great industry insights and recommendations. Highly recommended."

Omar Abu Omar
Head of Digital, Dubai Properties
matt horobin photo

"Prototype has been a valuable partner in delivering technical expertise mixed with strategic thinking and creative flair."

Matt Horobin
Head of Digital, Dubai Airports

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